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We deliver eCommerce Success in B2B for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Our team strategize and architect our clients’ b2b websites with the goal to create lasting digital competitive advantage.

We deliver eCommerce Success in B2B for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.
Our team strategize and architect our clients’ b2b websites with the goal to
create lasting digital competitive advantage.

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Customized B2B eCommerce development for small, mid to large size businesses with multiple platform option like Magento, OroCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify Plus, etc. which suits your business needs.

eCommerce Platform Partners

Automated solutions for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

B2B eCommerce solutions built with a comprehensive features  ready for any B2B commerce model.

Some of the features:

  • Enable online ordering for B2B Channels
  • Single platform for all scenarios – B2B2B, B2B2C, etc.
  • Multi payment options like Purchase Orders, Credit, etc.
  • Option of Self Service or Quote-to-order.
  • Easy integration with existing ERPs.
  • Multi-Warehouse Management
  • Segmentation & Custom Reporting
  • Tier Based Pricing

Differentiate your online B2B experience with some powerful and flexible features made to readily meet – and exceed – your buyer's expectations.

Custom Pricing

Our eCommerce Solution allow you to customize the prices based on various customer choices. Custom B2B eCommerce allows you to set the rules for price customization. B2B business is largely done with great volumes. Our solution allow you to set different tiers for a discount for clients based on their size of purchases.

Corporate User Access

Create multiple user logins for same account to the grant specific accesses with specific visibility for each log-in. This is particularly beneficial for corporates who need to give definite access to the particular department according to their respective roles.

Registration Access

A must-have functionality that allows you to set certain access and information to registered users only. You should be able to choose to show only certain information to unregistered visitors and the rest can be made visible to them upon registration.

Customer Segmentation

Our custom B2B eCommerce solution allows you to group your customers based on either their location, the volume of orders, choice of products, quantity purchased or frequency of orders. This gives you the advantage to customize the user experience based on their past practice.

Real-time Inventory

Maintaining the inventory records in real-time gets easy and beneficial to the buyers as they can easily check the availability of the products in real-time from the supplier. More-over even the seller is benefited since it helps them ensure appropriate stock-levels at all warehouses.

Quotation & Payments 

Take advantage of features like RFQ(Request for Quote) where the buyer sends a request for a custom quotation and convert quote-to-order, once an agreement is reached. Other payment options like – PO(Purchase Order), digital payment like a credit card, debit card for regular or loyal buyers can also be embebed.

Sync ERP & eCommere

Connect your B2B eCommerce website or app, with any ERP system to fully digitize and automate the entire process with your supply chain. No need to manually sync the systems like inventory management, order management, etc with ERPs systems.

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Our solutions experts help you customize solutions any type of B2B2B or B2B2C models and achieve the expected KPIs.


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Fast end-to-end implementation with zero operational disruption. Dedicated training to ensure minimum resistance & fast adaptation.


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Our operational methodologies are designed with the desired objective being the focal point. This helps us deliver and communicate success in a time bound manner.


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